Barry Hessenius on Bright Spots

Thanks to Barry Hessenius for his post on Bright Spots. He focuses specifically on the characteristics of Plasticity and Transparent Leadership. He says,

I have long been interested in our field’s inexplicable clinging to the antiquated organizational structure dynamic of hierarchy and centralized decision making, when the litany of negative impacts of that approach is all too clear (labored as opposed to nimble decision making; squelching of younger management cohort ideas and input and the resultant negative impact on recruitment and retention of the best of the next generation emerging leaders; adherence to outmoded and outdated protocols and technology often resulting in sub-par productivity and performance and so on and so forth).

He calls for organizations to assess their decision making processes to determine whether they “take advantage of their collective staff talent, and, moreover, whether those approaches are the best strategy to allow for calculated risk taking.”


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