Following the ‘bright spots’ of Northwest arts and culture

Today the Seattle Times published an editorial by Susan M. Coliton, vice president of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, on bright spots. She writes:

Bright spots are constantly rethinking, revising and refining their operations. They see uncertainty and change as opportunities — not their demise. While others are caught up in the negatives, bright spots are fueled by optimism.

Arts and cultural groups and other nonprofits can replicate this operating approach. After all, bright spots are not inventing wholly new practices. They are simply applying and refining fundamental principles available to anyone.

As a community, let’s resist the urge to focus on what’s not working. Instead, let’s look to the bright spots for inspiration and guidance for how to navigate and remain relevant in an ever-changing environment.


One thought on “Following the ‘bright spots’ of Northwest arts and culture

  1. I After reading your article on Following the “bright spots” of northwest arts and culture, I would like to introduce Ewajo Dance Workshop, a thriving small organization for 40 years . It is the most overlooked organization, but yet, survived for many years by giving and receiving support from the community, parents and partnerships. the studio was own and run by mother and son. Edna is turning 70 yrs old, but continue to give her knowledge and experience to age and disability population…Chris continue the outreach edcuation programs in schools, community and work with many diverse organizations for youth iin health and wellness through outreach services. Still thriving and serving the community after 40 years …a story of family, community and giving back served the need and purpose of Ewajo existence. after 40 yrs and still going strong….

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