Bright Spots for small arts organizations in Seattle

Claudia Bach, who provides support to small arts organizations with Springboard in Seattle, sent us a note about how she is using the report.

The Bright Spots report is proving a useful lever in conversations with arts leaders in our cohort learning program, Springboard, for small arts organizations here in Seattle.  The five Bright Spots principles provide an entry point for examining interlocking issues, and for reflection and discussion.  Perhaps most valuable is the fact that they underscore that it is not budget size, extraordinary access to resources or wildly experimental efforts that ensure success.  Rather, they spur more critical examination of where an organization may be on the right track and where they need to cast a more analytic gaze. The report encourages thinking about internal culture as a powerful tool. I’m also looking forward to having graduate students at Seattle University’s MFA in Arts Leadership digest and work with these concepts – it is energizing to see how eager and curious they are to take such ideas into action!

We are excited to hear that the framework works for very small groups (which we suspected and hoped). I’d be curious to hear about some of the bright spots among the smaller groups. How are they practicing the principles?  Are there differences in the way that these principles manifest due to their smaller size? Additional things that need to be taken into account?


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