A bright spot principle a day…

Struggling to figure out how to get your busy board to read and use the bright spots report?    We’re working on a discussion guide and executive summary, among other tools, but until then–how about breaking it down into manageable pieces? Angelique Leone, executive director, and her Board at the Sno-Isle Library Foundation are doing just that. The Board is making one Bright Spot principle the theme for discussion at each monthly meeting.  They use this as a jumping off point to ask themselves how they could be doing things differently to produce results above the norm. Sno-Isle Libraries serves over 20 branches in the Washington state region just north of Seattle. Libraries are among our communities’ most critical cultural resources. We’d love to hear more about how Sno-Isle, or other libraries, are working the bright spot principles to more effectively achieve their purpose.

Angelique also shared the report with the nearby Everett Community Foundation, and all of its board members now have read the report and are using it in a similar fashion.

Thank you to Lisa Arnold at the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation for telling us about this. If you are using the framework, share your story with us at brightspots@heliconcollab.net.


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