Update from Sno-Isle: Deeply Engaged with Community

The Sno-Isle Library Foundation sent an update on how they are using Bright Spots, specifically the principle of Deeply Engaged with Community. Angelique Leone says:

My Board members were really struck by the Bright Spots that talked about seeing themselves as part of multiple systems, as invested in community, as well as the pursuing meaningful partnerships with others.

From that discussion, I was charged with sharing some of our unique fundraising approaches with other community non-profits (three presentations done; one more scheduled), while Board members are meeting with their counterparts at Everett Public Library to see how we can partner with them as opposed to compete (two meetings and a slew of emails completed).

Also, we charged ourselves with finding new ways of pursuing meaningful partnerships that are part of multiple systems.  We thought that might be a bigger challenge.  However, because Bright Spots is helping us look at things differently, when we read an article about the Little Red Schoolhouse’s Nurse-Family Partnership in the Everett Herald we saw that maybe it didn’t have to be complex or complicated.

I contacted the organization to see if we couldn’t give them (no charge, of course) our Books for Babies kits directly to help reach these families with the importance of early literacy.

We are now partnering with them!  We will be sending them Books for Babies kits for all of their currently enrolled families (100 kits) and we have promised to supply them with kits, in both English and Spanish, for as long as they need or want them.

I love the way they are using the report to engage in deep self-analysis and challenging themselves to see how they can do (even) better. They are really embodying the practice of brightness, which is a constant process.


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