Bright spots as a tool for long range planning

In late March we heard that the Mingei International Museum was using the bright spots framework as a way to understand their success. Now, they are using the report in their planning on an ongoing basis. Cathy Sang, Director of Marketing & Development says:

…we have continued to use the Bright Spots Report as part of the Museum’s long-range planning process.  In addition to using it as a resource in the preparation for and discussion during the Management Team’s day and a half of meetings in early July to kickoff planning  for FY2014 and beyond (we just started our FY13 this month), the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees read and discussed the report over the past few months and led an hour-long discussion with all trustees at the conclusion of the July Board meeting based on some of the questions from the report’s discussion guide. Witnessing the trustees’ engagement with the subject matter and with each other was a truly exciting and rewarding experience….I believe the Board now wants to include discussion of an aspect of the Bright Spots report at the end of each Board meeting (as another organization has reported on your blog that it is doing).

We are hearing more and more from organizations who are both using the report to explain their brightness, and at the same time finding that it provides helpful insights on how to increase their brightness.


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