Cultural Organizations as Civic Leaders

Last month we were up in Seattle for Dynamic Adaptability and had the opportunity to hear from four “bright spots” who are engaging with their communities in deep and authentic ways. We heard from James Kass from Youth Speaks, Chris Coleman from Portland Center Stage, Lisa Sasaki from the Oakland Museum of California and John Michael Schert from the Trey McIntyre Project. If you have 15 minutes, check out their inspiring talks about what they are doing in their communities and how it is contributing to their organization’s success.

James Kass starts at 5 minutes and talks about how Youth Speaks is engaging young people around issues of diabetes and food justice in their communities


Chris Coleman talks about how Portland Center Stage used its move to a new building to ask itself, “how can we use this as an opportunity to engage with the community in a more dynamic way on a daily basis?”


John Michael Schert talks about the unlikely choice of TMP to locate in Boise, Idaho and how it contributed to the arts becoming more embedded in the community.


Lisa Sasaki talks about what happens when the community around your organization changes, and how you can adapt to remain relevant.


A panel (in three parts) with the speakers, moderated by Alexis Frasz from Helicon.


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